What the what?

Being a kNOMADr is different from normal. You don’t settle for one location forever and ever…at least not right now. Here’s what kNOMADrs have said:

“I lived in one town for many years, then I moved back to my hometown. That was new, fresh; and for a couple years it was great. But being a ‘journey’ person, and missed that first-year-feeling of being somewhere new and exciting. So I thought I’d become a kNOMADr. And I am loving it!”

DG, Indy

Some people just don’t know where they want to live eventually, so this is an opportunity to ‘try before you buy’, as in test out a new city, state, region:

“I only knew one thing for sure right out of college: that I didn’t know where I wanted to land. Realizing that my work could take place just anywhere – as a telecommuter – then the tough part was finding out where to go. So I became a kNOMADr for six months in one city, then a year in another. The possibilities are endless, and so fulfilling!”

Skippy “The Kiddo” McJohnson, Atlanta

Check out what we’ve put together here and find your next temporary home. And most of all, have fun and explore!